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Question: How many parking spots do you have? Can all my guests park at the facility?

On site: 22 parking spaces on site.
Street: Next to school fields rather than in front of homes.
Overflow: There is overflow parking, with 90 overflow spots across the street at the public school when school is not in session.


Question: How many people can I invite to my event?

Amani Hall: Up to 100 guests.
Garden Room: Up to 100 guests.
Both Floors: Up to 140 guests.



Question: Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you may bring food and use the kitchens onsite. Warming prepared food is allowed by the health department. The Amani Hall and the Garden Room kitchens each have a microwave and convection oven as well as a large refrigerator.

Dancing & DJ

Question: What spaces can be danced in?

Amani Hall: Dancing is allowed only on an optional 9x12 dance floor that can be assembled for an additional fee.
Garden Room: There are no restrictions on dancing in the Garden Room.

Question: Can I bring a DJ?

Answer: Yes, you are welcome to bring a DJ. All music and speakers must be indoors. Please limit sound level outdoors as the Amani Event Center is located in a residential neighborhood

Event Time

Question: What hours can I hold my event?

Answer: We typically rent the space in 6 hour blocks that include a 4 hour event plus 1 hour of setup and 1 hour of cleanup. Additional hours may be added. On weekdays, events can be held in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Weekend events can be held in the afternoon or evening. All events end by 10pm with cleanup finished by 11pm.


Question: What is included in the event rental?

Answer: Use of the rental space is included as designated in the rental agreement. We provide and assist with the setup of 5’ round tables and banquet style chairs. We also provide 6’ rectangular tables and high top tables.


Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: The simplest form of payment is electronically through Zelle. We also accept checks or cash.

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